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Update 4/2/2012 Investigation and Tendencies of Spirits involving franks/ghost boxes.

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Update 4/2/2012 Investigation and Tendencies of Spirits involving franks/ghost boxes.

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You might have seen the interview I conducted with my grandmother about the haunting at her house (nowadays it's more benign and the activity is definitely lower after decades of her living there).

To me it is a big job working on this small production, as since it's my grandmother and family-related I want to do a thorough job.

We caught many EVPs etc. and possibly some visual evidence. I am also using EVP clues recieved during the investigation to find her long lost wedding dinner ring. It has been missing for decades, and the region of her property we believe it to be located on is where her former greenhouse lay until a fire burned down her seperated garage, barn, greenhouse and many trees.

I have a very powerful metal detector, but before I can really use it I have to clear the area of land where the greenhouse was. It is littered in debris from the fire, old wood, lots of itchy vines, as well as lots of large chunks of metal that I have been systematically moving aside so they will not interfere with finding the ring.

The two important evps that support this area being the site of the lost ring (besides my grandmother being rather convinced it's in this area), is one saying "by the green house" (via ghost box), and another saying "by the furnace".

There is not exactly a furnace per-se, but in the vicinity of the site of the former green house there once was an old-timey metal stove that one of my grandparents had apparently put out there.

I have spent about 10 hours so far clearing that area of land, and have found a few pieces of what I believe was once a stove, now a drab orange color and in fragments as if it had been dismantled.

I could already start the job of searching via metal detector, but I want to clear the land as well as possible to avoid future delays in finding it, as well as eleminate further the risk of snake bite.

One thing you must know is that spirits, or whatever entities we are in contact with via EVP, can read your mind. This phenomenon has been well documented, and I have even experienced it myself, as often when I am forming a question in my mind and about to speak it, the answer is already caught on the equipment. Sometimes they even answer twice, one during the thought being generated, and once after it being spoken. It is not just I that have experienced this, but rather it is very well documented.

The trouble in any investigation is that by applying logic, and realizing the depth of our current lack of understanding of these beings, we have no way of knowing for sure if and when they tell us the truth.

From my experience, once contact is made with a spirit, and they become aware that you know what they say during recordings, some tend to follow you around. Thus your location of investigation often can influence what type of beings you have.

Though this is just my personal experience, at least some spirits find the ghost/franks box irritating or intruding, and possibly even try to turn it off. I have caught EVPs over the ghost box telling me to turn it off, along with other messages involving shutting it off.

Moreover, in the times I use an EM Pump (electromagnetic pump, which emits rather high quantities of electromagnetic radiation and possibly aids the spirit in energy collection for more powerful manifestations), I find that the ghost box tends to quit cycling more often and occasionally is mysteriously turned off completely.

The one way I have found of continuing the cycling of the ghost box is by continously holding down the SCAN button, but this method is not full proof (for example, in paranormal situations the battery could be quickly drained)

Though unsure, I might have even caught an EVP saying something to the effect (and this is at the investigation at my grandmother's home) that it was smart to hold down the button.

I also have many other smaller projects underway, including another Audacity tutorial for increasing the number of EVPs you can hear in your investigation during a typical question and silence method of investigation.
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