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Filtering out the Noise...

Preview of results from investigation at Grandmother's Home

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"The Technician"
WeirdTxEVP (ghost hunting Youtube channel)

Preview of results from investigation at Grandmother's Home

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Though this image is not very bright, we caught this orb moving across the screen. Besides addition comparisons and attempts to debunk, the main reason we know it is an orb is that we were in a pitch black room and WERE NOT using night vision. Modern video cameras often detect areas of the invisible spectrum that the human eye cannot see.

Night vision for video cameras work by emitting light that cannot be seen by the human eye, but light that is visible through the eye of a video camera.

In a sense we might have lucked out, because if we using a source of light to see this we might discount it as dust. Also, since we were not using any source of light, we were able to conclude it was emitting its own light (invisible to the human eye).

It remains within camera view for possibly 10 seconds. After Lois took a flash picture in the room, it appears to dislike it and quickly flies across the view of the video camera and out of screen view. Therefore in a sense you could hypothesize it was exhibiting a form of intelligence.

The details are actually a bit more complicated than this, but will be expounded upon in the final video reveal.
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