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Update 5/6/2012----My Zine

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Update 5/6/2012----My Zine

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I have finally decided on a name for my zine. It's going to be called Arcane Angles.

The first zine (currently at 33 pages in 12 point font) covers 4 topics:

1)EVPs-the stuff most don't know
2)The Occult in the Catholic Church: A Detailed account of the life of Abbe Boullan and Eugene Vintras
3)Voodoo, the Vagisil Cream Woman, and Galveston
4)The Minority of the Living: People that live in Necropolises

I am waiting for a little money before I open up a PO Box.
I will initially be printing 15-20 copies.

It will also showcase some of my art as well as old art dealing with witchcraft etc.
I am seeking a good place to print on newspaper paper, but will likely print it on regular computer paper.

This is a very low-profit/not-for-profit venture. It's mainly to test the waters and start correspondence with similar people.

I have not totally calculated the final price of the zine yet. I still have to get a quote for printing and shipping costs.

-----Personal update:
I have turned 31. My dad might be pre-diabetic or diabetic, which makes me worry even more. Last month my youtube views grew by over 2300+! There's lots of stuff. I am working on going back to work-ha. As you can tell I have a lot of mixed emotions over it. Nothing like being treated like shit for a pittance!

I have largely cut down on my paranormal investigations. Believe it or not, I don't like the hostility of many of the "entities", and knowing that they are around me and I can't see them does not help. In more limited cases I still plan on investigating places, etc.-but I must emphasize, IT WON'T BE AS OFTEN. Where you investigate does affect the type of responses you will get. They can at least sometimes and DO follow you! But it's not like a poltergeist has been let loose. Subtle things, and a lot of eerie, negative EVPs caught at home.

There is this one area in the Pineywoods of Texas (if I remember correctly) where a school onece stood, that way back when literally exploded and killed dozens of people. If the area is relatively accessible I might try going there.

Also, I do plan sometime this summer going to see the Saratoga ghost light. It's a little less than two hours east of here. Chances are good after dusk that people will see it, and though I know I want to see it, along with my wife and mother, I have contemplated the fact it might prove very frightening. I am considering, stress that word, attempting contact via the franks box. I do not want that light following me though.

I have been having some strange panic attacks. Usually right before I fall asleep. For some reason it has to do with a fear of death. Since I'm healthier these days I don't welcome death and the longer I'm around nowadays the better.

Ever since I started visiting cemeteries and speaking with the dead (via EVP)I have a much more complex views of it all, and have to realize and appreciate the gift of life.

I have lost 30 pounds and am now taking medication to regulate my blood pressure and cholesterol. I must have inherited it from my father, because I have stage 1 hypertension (at least before the meds kicked in), and my unhealthy cholesterol was at 600 when 200 normally is considered bad.
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