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Filtering out the Noise...

Paranormal Update (one of many to come)

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Paranormal Update (one of many to come)

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I have been conducting "surveillance" at my grandmother's trying to track down the nature of the haunting. I was little surprised to find out the house is still relatively active. A lot of the family thought it kinda died down after my grandfather died, and perhaps it did, but I am still finding some pretty cool stuff.

I'm caught two definite orbs (not the dust time) as for now I can't afford good night vision and these little orbs emit their own light source. One travels down the hallway very quickly, to the point where if I had blinked at the wrong time I would've missed it. I had to slow it down by 1/8th and then 1/64th speed to get a good look at it. That orb is white is color.

More recently I caught a second orb, a red one, that simply appears, grows brighter, then vanishes. Another one I had to slow down to get a good look at it. I also magnified them by about 4X to see them closer up.

One of the most interesting things I've caught so far is a very loud and unmistakable hammering noise late at night. I know it could not have been my grandmother as she is rather frail and no one else lives with her. This roughly occurred 10-20 minutes after we had left the home.

The hammering sound lasts 7 to 10 seconds roughly. At the end of the hammering, it sounds like the hammer is partially dropped at the end. The house was built in the 60s, and it was gutted after Hurricane Ike due to massive water/mold damage done after a tree fell through the roof.

Part of the haunting must be residual. To my knowledge, this is the first thing I've ever encountered that hints at a residual haunting. Most of the contacts I have made are "intelligences" via EVP. Is this due to the water table under the house, or its close proximity to the San Jacinto River? It's possible, as water is often attributed as the cause of residual hauntings.

But the thing is, at my grandmother's their is also an intelligent haunting. Believe it or not, I have received through multiple EVPs at her house the name David Davis. He lived, according to Plat Maps of the area, nearby my grandmother's land in the 1890s.

I've also found a bit more of the background of the property: In the 1920s-1930s, nearby at least, flourished a little town known as Byspot. We had never known this before. As a town, it barely got a foot in the ground before it virtually vanished off local maps.

Food for thought...
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