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Elaboration: My recent and different panic attacks.

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Elaboration: My recent and different panic attacks.

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Strangely and unfortunately, these have cropped and occur occaisonally at night right before I go to bed.

I will go into detail on the latest one, which happened only a couple of nights ago, as it was the worst of this type I experienced.

To sum it up, I kept having a nagging feeling I would die if I fell asleep. My nose was stuffy and I was having breathing normally, so I tried to sleep with my mouth open but felt kind of awkward like that and had trouble falling asleep. Then I got terrible dry mouth. I fell asleep and woke up gasping for air. Had I stopped breathing? I became afraid. My heart felt like it was beating abnormally. Did I accidentally take too much of my blood pressure/cholesterol meds?

Unfortunately, nowadays I have a lot of trouble remembering to take my medication. I have become very absent minded, and the fear of overdosing hovers over me on and off, as many of the meds I take are the maximum dosage or near maximum that anyone can take no matter what their body weight might be.

Was I dying, I thought? Something felt wrong. I was exhausted, but could not rest. I woke up Lois and told her what was wrong. The feelings were so intense I told her she might have to take me to the emergency room. Some of my other meds had kicked in pretty good and I was extremely sedated, but I could not rest. I began imagining being taken to the emergency room, and all of this major stuff going on as doctor's did various things to me, and with my extreme exhaustion being unable to reply to their questions. I started feeling for some reason I'd be in there for a week, and this made me feel even worse.

I had to wake up Lois again, and I got her to get me some water. I told her to keep checking on me. I felt a little more comfortable knowing she was going to check on me. I was praying for sleep, to be released from this torment.

I woke up the next day, and after talking to Lois, she said I fell asleep not long afterward and began snoring.
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