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Filtering out the Noise...

Thoughts about life and the hereafter

"The Technician"
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WeirdTxEVP (username: Paulzdaman1)

I'm into all things dark, exploration lost and forgotten places, and underground counterculture.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics from A&M, but do not use it.

I like art, but haven't really done any in about 2 years.

I love cemeteries, and even more so catching EVPs on my DVR.

See my lovely Youtube video below.

I love heavy metal in general, though Death and Black are my favs.

I still speak French semi-fluently, though getting a bit rusty.

I love reading, everything from Texas History, to "true" ghost stories, to underground media, to classic literature, along with some non-fiction stuff usually oriented about electronics, etc.

My future goal is to buy a cheap metal detector and find antiquated things of historical interest.

As of March 14th, I will have been married 3 years...therefore, though it might sound presumptuous, I only am interested in acquaintances and friends.